Pforzheim 10. – 15.02.2020

70 students and teachers from seven european countries came together and worked together in the topic of biotechnology at JWS from 11.2. – 15.02.2020. The goal was to evaluate hands on teaching modules focused on experiments about genetics and epigenetics we developed in Thisted. The teaching modules should come in use at European schools in the future.

The conducted experiments were a genetic fingerprint like in a forensic investigation and the productiuon of a necklase filled with DNA isolated out of cheak cells of the participant. In addition the mentors presented in international teams background information about both experiments.

The project is supported by the European Union in the framework of Erasmus. „To bring young people from different European countries together and give them the task to work on an innovative and challenging topic of the future e.g. in Biotechnology, is one of the main goals of the project. By this teamwork an added value is created and the European Thinking is improved“, Ms Kagerhuber, headmistress of JWS in her speach during the opening ceremony said.

Doreen Bayer, senior student of JWS, mentioned that the European Union gives us the opportunity with the project to work together in international teams, to take responsibility as well educated mentors and to gain within the week a lot of important experiences for our future lifes. In addition to the science and language skills the project also supports the intercultural exchange. Invited by the mayor at Thursday morning a town hall reception took place. After this we visited the jewelry museum and the technical museum of Pforzheim. Thursday afternoon we visited three typical regional companies, focused on dental technology Forestadent, medical care technology Admedes and chemical technology C.Hafner.

Fitting perfectly to the project topics a visit of the global active Biotechnology company Roche GmbH in Mannheim was on the schedule of Friday. A short welcome introduction by the head of the company Mr. Haag, was followed by five guided tours through the company in the morning and after lunch. A visit of Speyer cathedral gave an historical view on German emperor families Salier and Staufer.

Since 2006 most of the partner schools are working together on the topic of
Biotechnology. During the years wonderful friendships were born. The former partner school from Istanbul took part in the meeting, not supported by the EU but happy to be
invited by the project coordinator.
After an impressive close down ceremony on Friday evening including a view back over
the week we had to say Good Bye, looking forward to seeing us again in Brno in May.