Mentor tasks for Pforzheim, Germany

Mentor tasks:

1. Race to DNA (Download)

2. Chromosomes and Genes (Download)

3.  DNA Isolation Overview (Download)

4. Pipetting Exercise (Download)

5.  Presentation about RFLP (Download)

6. Lab Work: DNA Isolation:

Protocol DNA-Isolation teachers (Download)

DNA-Isolation protocol students (Download)

7. Overview DNA-Fingerprint (Download) 

8. Model DNA-Restriction (Download)

9. Model about Gel-Electrophoresis (Download) 

10. Genetics and Epigenetics (not ready yet)

11. Labwork DNA Fingerprint:

fingerprint-presentation-teacher (Download)

procedure_dna_fingerprint for students (Download)

12. Evaluation of Gel-Electrophoresis (Download)